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Grandberry Junction  (closed  when Art and his wife moved away)

A Special Thanks to Art Nuernberg from Grandberry Junction on St. Luke Church Rd. Over 20 years ago Art taught me how to grow a blueberry bush from small clippings from his bushes. He also gave me his special fertilizer mix for improved growth and sweetness.  He helped me set up our blueberry bushes rows before he retired from the his blueberry and blackberry business.

That was the beginning of Blueberry Hill Travelers Rest.

I believe we opened in 2012.


Activities on Mush Creek Rd. Near Me

Horseback Riding

Jeff let us know he had horseback riding just a few minutes down Mush Creek road from here. I made him some signs. My grand daughter Chrissy went to ride a horse.

I made her a laser plaque of the event and included the date, her picture and her horses name.

You can see the plaque on the Home Page with the other laser and t-shirt projects I've done.


Wellborn Winery

Wellborn Winery is run by Tony and Debbie and is past Jeff's Horseback Riding Ranch on Mush Creek Rd.  They do wine tasting and a nice selection of red and white wines as well as desert wines. It's a fun social evening.

They also have occasional wine and cheese tastings; I put their logo on their cheese trays with my laser - See Laser Crafts

They have a dog named Lily and she like soft biscuits and cheese.



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